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Body Switch 3.1, To Maureen

When Zack woke up, two things were immediately wrong. Firstly, the dojo floor was a lot more comfortable than he remembered. And secondly, he couldn't see a single thing. It was all an indistinct blur. Nothing clearly defined. He rubbed his eyes, wondering if it was just something in his eye. Finally he started squinting and realized he could make things out a little bit better though not by much.

He definitely wasn't in the dojo and he probably wasn't dead either. He doubted the lifestream or the promised land would make him blind. The room was tidy or at least he couldn't make out any shapes on the floor. Glancing over at the table next to the bed, something shiny compelled him to reach out. And then fall out of bed and land with a land.

"Owwww," he said, then putting his hands over his mouth with a confused expression. He couldn't see, but he felt...skinnier than usual. Unable to put his finger on what was off, he looked back at the table and found it was a pair of glasses. For reasons beyond him, he put them on as though it was a natural thing he did everyday. Suddenly the room became focused again. He sighed with relief. One thing figured out that was more than he could have hoped.

Now he could get a proper look at his body. He didn't like what he saw, but it could have been worse. At least it was a body. He considered going back to bed for a moment. Maybe this was all just a really annoying dream. He flopped onto the bed, lying across it, just staring at the ceiling.
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