Mark Cohen (make_creation) wrote,
Mark Cohen

[for tosh]

Mark was getting ready for his lunch with Tosh. He wasn't quite sure if he should call it a date. There would be food, sure, and they were going to go someplace nice and maybe swim. He'd like to think it was a date, but he didn't want to read anything into it that wasn't there.

It had been 900 minutes, give or take, since they'd made plans. He'd hardly slept the night before. He'd gotten new corduroy pants and a button down shirt that he wore under a faded red t-shirt. He looked as nice as he ever did (unless he was going to court or a funeral). He'd really needed to change after helping Sheppard hobble into the compound, but that was nothing, really. Just helping out a friend.

He wasn't the best cook, so he pulled together what looked good from things other people had made. While he was in the kitchen he heard buzz about a party and wondered if, maybe, if lunch went okay, and swimming or whatever was good...

He probably shouldn't be trying to figure out how to spend as much time as possible with Tosh while Jackson was with his father, but he couldn't help it.

There was no way this wasn't a date.
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