Mark Cohen (make_creation) wrote,
Mark Cohen

[for owen] Act 3: People Love Explosions

Mark had had the best night. Never mind he'd had to watch Tosh dance with Harkness. Never mind the fact that Maureen was pulling one of her dramas, which he should have expected after the show she'd been putting on for a few weeks. Never mind the fact that he could hear Mimi on the wind, laughing at how long it had taken him to get up the nerve. No matter all the people involved who made this so much more connected and complicated than just the two of them. Nevermind all of that shit, he had had the best night.

After the party, Mark had gone home with Tosh and they'd talked. They'd kissed. They'd...he wondered if it had been like this for Collins and Angel, something so scalding hot so fast. Of course, looking back, it hadn't been fast at all. It had taken months.

Mark walked along the boardwalk, humming the affirmation softly and smiling at everyone and everything. He felt, today, fuckin' fabulous.
Tags: owen
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