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the opposite of war isn't peace

it's creation

Mark Cohen
9 March
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Mark is an underfed 27-year-old bohemian living
in New York City on the corner of 11th and B Street.
His life revolves around his work as a freelance
filmmaker, and his friends: his roommate Roger, his
ex-girlfriend Maureen, her new lover Joanne, Roger's
girlfriend Mimi, and his old roommate Collins. Some
more detailed backstory can be found here.

Mark is from Jonathan Larson's RENT
(the stage version, say thankya). He
arrives on the island after the events of
the play, and has on his person :

one pair black plastic-framed glasses
one pair stonewashed bluejeans, worn at the knees
one black leather belt
one white tank undershirt
one pair blue and green striped boxers
one red bob marley t-shirt
one white and blue plaid buttonup shirt, secondhand
one blue/grey/green/black/yellow striped sweater
one brown corduroy thigh-length coat
one pair black stretch gloves with the fingertips cut off
one black and white knit scarf and red wool hat
one pair black socks
one pair black converse sneakers
one 16mm winding video camera with one
half-used reel of film on it
one black backpack containing:
-three reels of unused film
-one ziploc baggie with three rolled joints
-one pack of Marlboro reds with eight cigarettes left
-one small box of kitchen matches, about 20 matches left
-one book, frank heller's catch-22
-one paper bag containing an apple and half of one roast-beef-and-swiss sandwich
-one bike lock (the kind that's a longish coil of wire with a
five-digit combination lock on the end)
one black leather tri-fold wallet containing:
-one drivers' license
-one organ donor card
-one strip of photo-booth pictures of himself and Maureen
-one strip of photo-booth pictures of himself and Joanne
-one strip of photo-booth pictures of himself, Roger, Benny and Collins
-$11 in ones

[the joints, the cigarettes and the half-assed lunch are all long gone by now.]

TR tag : mark cohen

full bio : here.

i don't own mark; jonathan larson does. anthony rapp's fine self is owned by... his fine self... and i just borrow his face for my icons. userinfo icons made by school__night. icons by other people are credited; icons by me are uncredited, and please credit if you steal. this is for the_blank_slate, and is all in fun.
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