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Mark Cohen

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Body Switch 3.1, For Aeris

Eventually Zack had made his way away from Maureen and the hut near the compound. Once he realized he was still on the island, he needed to get home, which was the Dojo. His current body, apparently named Mark Cohen, wasn't as accustomed to running along the paths. He might have tripped a time or two when he normally would have jumped out of the way or ducked, but he did at last make it to the dojo.

There had been a lot of people running around at such a relatively early hour. He had assumed something was going on, but he couldn't be bothered to find out what. If anything, it had made him hurry to the dojo to make sure everyone was alright there.

He rushed inside, hoping to find a familiar face. He glanced over to his corner, halfway expecting to see himself or at the very least his clothes, but there was nothing. If he'd been a little earlier, he might have caught himself and someone who looked exactly like Yuffie running out the door.
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